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November Update: First Building Exterior is Unveiled ... and we have a parking lot!

The past couple months have seen a lot of finish work complete to not only the buildings but also the site itself. We have parking lot lights, stop signs, the entry from Main Street is finished, and best of all sidewalks and pavement in the parking lots.

First off - Condo sales are moving Fast! If you are at all thinking of buying a new home, get in here quick! Ultra-low mortgage rates plus FHA-approved financing make these condos a hot buy!

Buildings A, B and C are all SOLD OUT, Building D is taking reservations

Call the sales team for current pricing for the condos 801-477-5640 or visit the website at



While you can't see the beautiful interior reveal quite yet, the exterior stucco and brick on the north end of the building looks amazing! The exterior stucco and brick on the south end is close to completion and will be unveiled soon.


We have passed several inspections including 4-way and insulation; sheetrock inspection is scheduled for today. As soon as the exterior is complete on A, the guys will move to this building.

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